Tuesday 10 October 2017

How to Fly

You have rid yourself of the panic of vertigo?

Good, then choose a plateau, high and flat
Stand on the edge facing out
Close your eyes, stretch up and raise your arms high
Brace your body for the wind from behind

Think yourself into the shape of a swift
(the most aerial of birds)

If this is a dream, the wind will lift you
to soar above the forests and rivers
your veins delight in the excitement
as you dive and corner
swoop and circle with the swifts

And if this is not a dream?

Keep your feet on the ground
and enjoy the breeze in your hair.

reposting this poem from 2011, which I wrote in response to this prompt over on 26N, a great little prompt site, which was never used as much as it should have been and is now sadly defunct.... 


Titus said...

I love the trickiness of this! And the 'your veins all delight and excitement' line.

none said...

Once I got to the last two lines, I had chills as I've realized how easy it is to live in a dream and how freeing it is to be present in this world.

Loved it!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love this Juliet! Of course a dream of flying means you have an independent spirit. I like that.
xx, shell

Hannah Stephenson said...

This poem is very reassuring, especially the ending. Lovely.

RG said...

I'm chicken.

Bill said...

I like it. Reality instructed by the dream.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem - if only we could really fly.

Geraldine said...

This is very good! I stopped by via Selma's blog after reading your doppelganger comment, how interesting that was to read!

Happy Wednesday, G

nĂ  from the treehouse said...

Hi Juliet - thanks ever so much for taking part - I love the poem, I really do! Could quite feel being there, and managing to fly of course!
Thanks also for your messages about the commenting problems - sorry I've not replied sooner, but things are pretty chaotic around here of late.
...swifts are my favourite :)

Heartful said...

I love the matter of fact way you describe something we cannot in fact do. And I just love the way you casually throw in the line, "if this is a dream".

Wonderful! And thanks for responding to the prompt!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, love the poem. I wish I could fly. Have a happy day and week ahead!

Lowcarb team member said...

I enjoyed your poem.

All the best Jan

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Dear lord I have terrible vertigo, rotten on heights, terrible balance! I wish a poem could help that.