Thursday, 5 May 2016

Golden Boy Bailey by Erin Frew

Early one morning, Bailey, a golden retriever, is woken up by his friend Sable, a pit bull and dragged into the outside world. Once outside he realises what a beautiful Spring day it is and is happy to join Sable on her special adventure. As they head towards Blue Pool, which is rumoured to be bottomless, they meet up with two other dogs, Logan, a labrador and Chewy, a German Shepherd, who the others are a little wary of to start with.

At the pool they swim and sunbathe and Sable gets dangerously distracted by a dragonfly. Can Chewy save the day?

The story is beautifully illustrated, with the dogs having real personality!

This is a lovely picture book for young dog lovers and is sure to encourage readers to go on their own outdoor adventures. As Bailey muses:

Every day holds something magical.....but the only way to experience the magic is to get up.... and face the day! 

Golden Boy Bailey, written and illustrated by Erin Frew, Published 2016 by FriesenPress 

Disclaimer - I was sent a free e-book of this title to review


Geraldine said...

Sounds like a sweet story but Mr Cheddar says no dog tales for him .;-) He's sitting on my lap as I type this.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Awww .. I wish I had a picture-book age child in my life.