Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Bullfinches in the rain

It's very dull today and has been raining on and off. It didn't stop me enjoying my weekly walk round Colinton Dell though, nor did it stop this bullfinch and its five friends from enjoying their lunch.

All the recent rain means that the Water of Leith is flowing high now,

a totally different scenario from about a month ago when it was really low.

I counted 313 orange ladybirds today hibernating in the railings by the steps up to Colinton Village. That's up from 250 a week ago!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I see a few bullfinches round here and they are often quite amenable to being photographed. They are calm, stolid birds, not given to hurrying. Hopefully will get a snap with my good camera soon.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hey well done on counting those ladybirds ...

Yes, today has been much duller, and of course you've had rain, but I'm glad you got out and about.

All the best Jan