Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Treacle and the Scottish Wildcat

I think there are days when Treacle thinks he is a wild cat, he loves nothing better than to hide behind the oatcake box (standing in for a heather plant) and then suddenly pounce on a sock, or one of the balls we've made for him from recycled foil (standing in for a mouse).

However, Treacle is just a domestic cat. A sometimes adorably affectionate and playful and sometimes infuriatingly loud and demanding domestic cat. But definitely not a Scottish wildcat.

Today Treacle was browsing the internet and he found the shiny new website for Scottish Wildcat Action (he almost put his foot in my lunch as he was reading he was so engrossed). He was very upset to find that there may be as few as 35 pure bred Scottish wildcats in the world. Numbers may be significantly higher than that, but it's very hard to tell as the Scottish Wildcat interbreeds easily and frequently with domestic and feral cats.

Treacle would like all readers of this blog to visit the Scottish Wildcat Action website and find out more about this beautiful rare animal of the Scottish Highlands.


eileeninmd said...

Watch out or Treacle will become addicted to the internet. I did not know there was a Scottish Wild Cat. I will checkout the website. Enjoy your day!

Lowcarb team member said...

Ha Ha that treacle is one super cat !

Happy September to you

All the best Jan