Friday 12 June 2015

Corstorphine HIll

Another beautiful day today so for my 30 Days Wild activity I joined Crafty Green Boyfriend on his lunchtime walk round Corstorphine Hill (he works near the hill and walks round it most lunchtimes!).

This stunning poppy is growing in a garden on the side of the hill

The footpaths round the  Corstorphine Hill Local Nature Reserve are edged with wonderful displays of wildflowers at the moment - I always love the colour combination of the buttercups with the forget-me-nots

This soldier beetle didn't really want to be photographed and Crafty Green Boyfriend isn't even convinced that it's a soldier beetle at all, so if anyone else knows what it actually is, please let me know in the comments

On a hot day it's lovely to walk in the shade of the trees

the hawthorn trees are wonderful just now, these pink ones are particularly beautiful

Corstorphine Hill offers amazing views across Edinburgh

and the chance to see zebras (in Edinburgh Zoo)

I loved the light and shade on these oak leaves

Solitary bees make their holes in the paths around the hill, here's one that's just been freshly dug

There are some lovely trees round the open green spaces at the front of the hill

All in all its a lovely place for a lunchtime walk, though it very easily lasts for more than the allotted hour, specially in weather like today!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

some dinner plate sized poppies at a friend's house!

eileeninmd said...

I love the poppies and all the flowers. The views are beautiful! Have a happy weekend!

sage said...

A beautiful place for a walk!

Ian Doyle said...

Nice photos.

RG said...

What views and things to see!

Some years ago a family member said to plant some forget-me-nots. I did. In addition, because we live in a rural area, buttercup grows rampant and the tendrils rapidly root where I would prefer they not!

Anyway, I soon learned why they call them forget-me-not. While they and buttercups make a pretty combination - and bloom endlessly - they have become a royal pain!

Pietro Brosio said...

Great sights, very nice the image of the zebra!

Maureen @ Josephina Ballerina said...

A happy-making post.
:) m & jb