Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Top Green Initiatives 2015

Top 100

I'm delighted to be included in the list of top 20 bloggers in the Greenmatch UK list of Top Green Initiatives.

Green Match is a free online green energy comparison service and part of me can't help feeling that this initiative is a way for them to get more publicity as all of us included in their lists fall over ourselves to show how delighted we are to be included. But that's maybe just the cynic in me and it is good to have a one stop site where you are able to compare the various green energy offers out there.

But any way, I am delighted to be included on this list alongside, on the one hand such household names as Greenpeace and The Ecologist and on the other hand fellow Edinburgh blogger MeEco, YouEco.

Beyond blogs the lists include Education, Green Projects (including the adorably named Dancing Rabbit Eco Village). Community Initiatives and Green Energy. Which all makes up a great directory of interesting and worthwhile green initiatives.


RG said...

There's no free lunch. A little cynicism is always quite fine!

Bill said...

Well done, Juliet