Tuesday 25 June 2013


Noche (Night) is a film full of sound. The natural sounds of rural Argentina and the sounds in the last recordings made by Miguel, a young sound recordist who has recently committed suicide. These recordings form the backdrop for the gathering of Miguel's friends as they pack away his belongings and mourn for him, while staying effectively isolated from each other most of the time.

The action largely takes place outside in the beautiful woods around Miguel's old house, but most of the recordings are of interiors and dreams. This gives the film a real sense of mystery, are the recordings a form of archive of Miguel's work? Do they offer clues as to his state of mind before his suicide? Are they an intriguing game he wanted to play on his friends? Whatever the recordings actually are, the friends can't leave the house until the recordings end, just as they can't move on from their grief until they've processed their memories of Miguel.

An atmospheric and intriguing film, Noche is showing as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival

2035, 27 June (Filmhouse) and 1200, 29 June (Cineworld)

Disclaimer: I have a press pass for the Edinburgh International Film festival and attended a free press screening of this film


Optimistic Existentialist said...

This actually sounds very intriguing...

Ms Sparrow said...

Lucky you getting to see all these wonderful films!