Friday 28 June 2013

Cats on Film

One of the runaway successes of last years Edinburgh International Film Festival was Rentaneko (Rentacat - which I reviewed here). It was notable for starring an adorable array of cats.

This year one of the Japanese films in the festival is Keppidoi Neko (I Catch a Terrible Cat). However, before you rush to the cinema expecting a cute sequel to Rentaneko, you'll be disapppointed. There are no cats in this film!

The film is billed as a romantic comedy, though it didn't really become funny until past half way through. Takada, a successful novelist, has suffered writers block since his wife died and only now that a beautiful young waitress seems to be interested in him, can he see himself writing again. The plot is full of twists and turns in the relationships of the main characters, which lead to all sorts of misunderstandings culminating in a funny and embarrassing party for Takada's 60th birthday party.

This is a slow moving film (too slow to really be a comedy apart from a few scenes) but thoughtful and insightful about family and romantic relationships.

I Catch a Terrible Cat has already been screened twice at Edinburgh International Film Festival and there are no more screeinings! Meanwhile:

The Best of the Fest films have been announced.

The Award Winning Films of the festival have been announced

Disclaimer: I have a press pass for the festival and attended a free press screening of this film.

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