Friday 8 February 2013

Use your artistic talents to help nature!

I was contacted recently by the Million Trees project, asking if I would spread the word! This project is a fun way to help the environment. You design a tree (or as many trees as you want to design!) and then pay a small amount as a donation to get the tree planted where you want to plant it. It's a project that seems to be very much in the early stages and I have to admit I'm not sure on the details of how it will work, but it's certainly nice to see creative ideas like this.

A similar project is Paint a Fish, which invites people (particularly children and young people) to paint fish, which are then uploaded to a gallery. The gallery will then be used as part of a campaign to persuade the European Union to increase the protection given to European fish stocks. I've been trying to draw a fish, but so far have been too embarrassed by the results to want to share them with anyone, let alone the decision makers of the European Union!. To get an idea though, you can see Caroline Gill's smiling fish


Caroline Gill said...

You have put a smile on my face here, Juliet!

My fish is (alas) certainly no Mona Lisa, but I decided that it might just attract more attention/publicity in the way it came out than if it had looked too professional - LOL!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Caroline, your fish is very sweet, mine so far don't even look like fish. Once I can draw something that resembles a fish then I'll send it in!

bunnits said...

This is a great idea and I'd like to share it on Facebook.

Cute fish, too!