Friday, 15 February 2013

Make Mine Chocolate?

A lot of people reading this blog keep or have kept rabbits and know very well the mixture of joy and frustration that is caring for a bunny. Others reading this blog have never kept a bunny and might be surprised by how demanding such cute and fluffy creatures can be.

Lots of people give rabbits as gifts at Easter, which is not a good idea. Many rabbits are discarded when the owner gets tired of them. Just because rabbits are often seen running about the countryside, doesn't mean that your pet rabbit would be happy there! Domestic rabbits are very different from their wild cousins. In many cases, people may not discard their rabbits, but still get bored of them and leave them in an outside hutch and pay no attention to them. Rabbits need company and exercise and shouldn't be kept caged up all day. (In my own experience, Anya loved to rest and eat in her cage, but we rarely shut the door on it).

The Make Mine Chocolate Campaign aims to end ill-thought out impulse purchase of rabbits. The idea being that if you do want to purchase a rabbit, you need to know all about looking after one, before you make the commitment.

Rather than buy a rabbit as an Easter gift, how about buying a chocolate rabbit? (But make sure it's fair traded and organic!).

Alternatively, how about buying a soft toy? Charlotte at Cottontails Baby has a lovely selection of rabbit soft toys (and as some readers may know, the Crafty Green Household were recently delighted to host Sylvain, a travelling rabbit from Cottontails).

Meanwhile Annette sells soft sculptures of hares in her Leveret's Nest Etsy shop and is running a hare themed giveaway on her blog.

And if you're feeling crafty, then Michelle stocks crafting kits (including rabbit and hare themed kits!) in her Raspberry Rabbits shop.

and if jewellery is your thing, then hop over to see the bunny jewellery on the Lavender Rabbits Etsy shop!

(Yes, I know Easter is a while off, but there's nothing wrong with planning ahead!)

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Annette Tait said...

well I've already scouted Sainsburys and they have the HUGE chocolate shaped rabbits that I adore and buy every year! so shall be buying one of those ones again (maybe even some litter mates to eat too :)
love your candle! may give that a try infact as I have candles all the time
and congratulations Juliet on winning the bird stuff, that is great! every day my little robin comes over when I put the seed and bread out, he is so friendly
and thanks for the mention about my giveaway, paws crossed!

eileeninmd said...

Great post, I know a few people in my family would like a chocolate bunny. I've been there, done that with buying pets for my son. Now, I know better. Have a happy weekend!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Juliet,

I agree with you, thought needs to go into gifting any animal.
You hear of people giving cats or dogs as gifts, but this is such an irresponsible thing.
Yes, chocolate bunnies are the best way to treat someone.
Saw the photos of Anya and she is such a sweet bunny.

Happy weekend

Ms Sparrow said...

We had pet rabbits when I was a kid.
We also left the cage open so they could roam the neighborhood. There are two cottontail rabbits that come around the wooded lot at night to eat the leftovers from the turkey's food. I call them the "Bunny Brothers".

RG said...

A great campaign and just timely to begin ...

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes I do agree about rabbits Juliet - so many of the poor pet ones are so badly looked after. And it is useless to just let them go in the fields, they are not equipped to look after themselves having been reared in captivity.

RoadBunner said...

This is a great reminder. I love your suggestions of non-chocolate bunnies as well. Lots of great options out there :) !