Thursday 31 January 2013

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2013

Edinburgh International Science Festival launched it's programme for 2013 this morning. To commemorate the festival's 25th anniversary, the theme this year is The Future.Three of the strands include events of particular interest for those interested in environmental issues:

Future Foods will explore what we might be eating in the future, with events including Eating Aliens which will discuss whether eating invasive plant species might be the best way of controlling them (including a three course lunch of dishes made using invasive species)

Future Cities will explore possible futures for our urban centres with events including Greening the City in which experts from Gorgie City Farm and Greenspace Scotland explore various ways in which cities can be made more green.

Future Challenges will focus on some of the myriad challenges facing us as the human population continues to expand with events including Water, Water Everywhere which will explore how we will deal with managing our water resources in the future.

 There are events for all ages, many of which are free including:

Forestry DNA Detectives for children over 5 which will explore the science around DNA

Dung Days at the Zoo in which you can investigate, well, dung and learn to identify which animal leaves which type of dung (this event is free, but you'll need to pay the usual entrance fee to get into the zoo)

Patterns in Nature, one of several art exhibitions that will be on show leading up to and during the festival.

And for those who feel that cute and cuddly wildlife such as pandas get too much attention, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society will be arguing the case for the appeal of the aesthetically challenged species. 

Edinburgh International Science Festival will take place at venues across the city from 23 March - 7 April.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Dung Days and Ugly Animal Preservation Society Juliet - I love it!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Juliet, I would really like to be back in Edimburgh for the festival!

About the cats: you reminded me of the many of them living in their own communities by themselves in particular here in Venice. When I was a child there were large groups, very smelly, in the gardens around the Biennale.
And more recently, when I was, very sadly, visiting the hospital in Venice...inside there are old gardens where generations of cats, it seems, have been reproducing since the nineteenth century!
I remember they looked as if they possessed the place, the same as you said about yours!

Caroline Gill said...

I'd love to know who qualifies for the 'aesthetically challenged' category in the zoo ... for after all, 'everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it ...'(Confucius).

Ms Sparrow said...

What a wonderful assortment of events. I wish I could be there!

RG said...

Well there sure seems like something for everyone ...