Wednesday 30 January 2013

Kittens in an Italian hill town

In yesterday's review of The Holy Place, the poetry book from Caroline Gill and John Dotson, I said that Caroline's poem Monte Testaccio: Mound of Potsherds reminded me of some feral cats Crafty Green Boyfriend and I had met in Italy several years ago now. 

Tommaso Gervasutti had wanted to know more, so here is a photo of the cats, that we met in Dolceaqua in the northern corner of Italy, near the border with France. The cats seemed to live by themselves in the mediaeval old town. They were quite wary (and quite smelly too!) but one of them let Crafty Green Boyfriend pick it up.

 And here's a photo of Dolceaqua, as it's a very photogenic place!

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Kittens!!!! I love kittens :)

bunnits said...

The two kittens made me think of Rossini's "Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti." I wonder if they sing it?

Caroline Gill said...

Thank you, Juliet, for this post. Those cats never fail to make an impression on me!