Wednesday 21 May 2008


In a garden silver bright with the moon
an owl hoots under the light of the moon

The city streets are deserted tonight
tv aerials held tight to the moon

A girl stares out of her bedroom window
she wants to take a bite out of the moon

A young boy runs into the empty street
trying to fly his kite to the moon

Musing and gazing out into the dark
Crafty green poet delights in the moon.

Chapter 4 of Unleash the Poem Within suggests that the ghazal is a perfect form for daydreaming and letting your mind wander.

The Ghazal Page , an excellent resource to find out more about this fascinating form, is currently holding a competition for moon ghazals.


mistral said...

I like it very much, also if I have some difficulties of translation, I find the sense really deep, and I'm in harmony with your poem.
Embrace you

Scot said...

cool one--you may have been the one who inspired me into a bird trilogy

Janice Thomson said...

Yes I like this too and can see the potential this form can give.

Crafty Green Poet said...

mistral - thanks, sometimes I find in poetry in a foreign language, I really like the sense of not quite understanding it...

scot - thanks, I enjoyed your crow poem and look forward to the next two birds ...

janice - thanks - i think its a form with great potential. I couldgrow to like ghazals as much as I like haiku...

LA Nickers said...

I like this one a lot. The moonlike quality is reiterated by the rhythm and repetition.

* * * * * *

I hope you don't mind . . . I have tagged you for a meme. You don't have to play. if you don't want to, but it seemed like fun:

SUPER-SEVEN MEME, at Nickers and Ink


polona said...

oh, this was fun to read.
your first? well done :)

Unknown said...


Lyric4Verse said...

Thanks Crafty Green Poet for your comment on "Just Trying To Get A Date..." Rex.

Anonymous said...

As I listen to Urdu Ghazals all the time, I just can't make nyself write one.

You truly did well with this.

Unknown said...

Tiny Gifts of Light

Crisp clear and cold
Speaks the wind
From out of the west

Grey and white shrouds
Retreat in flying tatters

Revealing eternity
Surrounding the bright beacon

Full Moon

Photons born burning
In the heart of Sol
Then set free to the void

She Catches these
And sends them to me
Now cool and silver

Sharp as a razors edge
To cut away the everyday
And remind me that here in eternity

I have a place


by Bobbb - Citizen of Earth

RG said...

Yes sir ... that was fun to read!

Crafty Green Poet said...

linda - thanks - I'll do the meme sometime quite soon!

Polona - thanks, yes, my first!

Noah, rex, gautami, thanks!

rabbit's guy -thanks, they're fun to write too!

Bobb- nice poem, thanks!

Rethabile said...

Bravo. Rather than annoy the reader, the moon moon moon sound actually pacifies, pleases both the ear and the eye. Well done...

beadbabe49 said...

fascinating form, I'd never heard of is very soothing.

Anonymous said...

This is really sweet, especially the end wher Craft Green shows up. Nice ghazal. Will you write more? I took great liberties with mine, although I tried to keep somewhat to the spirit of the form.

Crafty Green Poet said...

rethabile, beadbabe - thanks, I find the form soothing too

mariachristina - I'll definitely be writing more of these, I really like this form...