Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Climate Counts Company Scorecard

Climate Counts launched its latest Climate Counts Company Scorecard today. This scores companies on a scale from zero to 100, based on 22 criteria relating to climate change. Consumers can see all the current company scores and download a pocket shopping guide at This seems to be currently mostly for US consumers but its a helpful project for consumers who want to reduce the environmental impact of their shopping.

84 percent of the scored companies —among them some of the world's largest -- made improvements in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and to make information about those actions actions easily accessible to consumers.


Janice Thomson said...

That was very interesting to see some companies were actually addressing global warming with a good deal of concern.

RG said...

Thanks for the link. It bears watching. An awful lot is still hype and window dressing from companies.

Most local companies I know of barely know what they do day to day, let alone their impact on the environment. One company says protecting the environment is a major strategy and we see its employees out digging a ditch and the mud is all flowing down the storm drain and into the creek

It's a long struggle.