Thursday, 15 May 2008

Homebrew Biodiesel

According to this article in the Guardian, making boidiesel from waste cooking oil is becoming a real niche market industry in the UK. This is really good news as it is a genuinely environmentally friendly fuel, unlike agrofuels that take agricultural land out of food crop production or that are responsible for rainforest destruction. Read my previous post about making your own biofuel here.

Find out more about the Fuel Pod, which can be used to recycle waste oil into biofuel on the Green Fuels website.

Of course, finding environmentally friendly fuel for your car is good but finding an alternative to the car whenever possible is even better! We're lucky in that Edinburgh is a small city, pleasant and easy to walk round and with very good public transport (and there are bus companies in Scotland that run their vehicles on biofuels made from recycled cooking oils!).


Larry Kollar said...

Biodiesel from used fry oil is a great idea, as long as people don't stop eating deep-fried foods. :-)

Aefiel said...

that will never happen.

the most you'd get is 100day old oil that has seen 30,000 McDonald franchise outlet worth of fries. :P

Anonymous said...

good post