Friday, 16 May 2008

haiku - warning

storm dark skies -
a raven's loud croak
from the tower.

warning for Mad Kane's Haiku Prompt. Inspired partly by Mad's own haiku and partly by the ravens at the Kitchener Memorial in Orkney


Anonymous said...

Very spooky! I like it. Thanks for participating in another of my prompts!

Anonymous said...

Oh I like this! Ravens and crows are great birds aren't they?

mistral said...

Thnks for your kindly comment!
I'm very happy to meet someone not italian, and someone who loves poetry,it's not very easy in this time.
I?m poet too, since I was young and I'd also like write little haiku.
My english it's not very perfect but I'll try to reading and understand what you post on your blog, I like it soo much
Finally a place where find serenity with poetry.
See you soon

mistral said...

ps: a left a comment on my blog too

Scot said...

good one

Cynthia said...

like-this-one a lot! in love with
the atmosphere of ravens and towers -yes.

polona said...

great stark image!

Janice Thomson said...

I love this - it reminds of the crow who announces my presence every single time I go to the forest - you'd think he'd know me by now :)

Noah the Great said...

Ooh, I hope we don't hear a knocking at the chamber door.

Iself said...

Quite efficiently gothic!

Inner warning

Crafty Green Poet said...

Janice - I like the idea of you being announced by the same raven every time

mad, scot, cynthia, polona, iself - thanks

noah - there's a knocking at the door just now...

mistral - thanks! It's interesting that you write haiku too - I've never read haiku in Italian!

Anna said...

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Granny Smith said...

Lovely dark gothic atmosphere.

Lilibeth said...

Birds--ever the harbingers or catastrophe. Good work.