Monday, 27 August 2007

Rubbish Photos

Photos of rubbish that is, mind boggling amounts of rubbish. Chris Jordan is a photographer with a mission - to use images to help us understand some of the statistics of our lives, statistics such as the 60,000 plastic bags used in the USA every five seconds, the 426, 000 mobile phones retired every day in the USA. The statistics are mind boggling, the photos more so. Most of them are overwhelming, just because of the sheer numbers of items involved but some of them contain a strange beauty and there is also a clever recreation of a Georges Seurat painting using aluminium cans.

Chris Jordan will be exhibiting at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, opening Sep 8. More info at


Anonymous said...

What a great concept.

Anonymous said...

You're tagged with a Green Chrissie Meme

Anonymous said...

This is a novel idea, and I applaud the use of images to show us something other than beauty.

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Anonymous said...

His photos are amazing and food for deep thought, not just casual observation. Thank you for the link.