Sunday 30 April 2023

Lauriston Castle Gardens

 Yesterday, we visited Lauriston Castle in the north west of Edinburgh.

Our main reason for visiting was to view the cherry trees, which were in full bloom in the Kyoto Friendship Garden. This garden was established in 2002 to celebrate the twinning of Kyoto and Edinburgh. 

The flowers are already starting to lose their petals 

In other parts of the castle grounds, the bluebells are almost in full bloom

and the pond has a lot of both Marsh Marigold (on the island) and the invasive Skunk Cabbage (around the edges)


June Graham said...

Lovely nature photos. I like the close-ups you have done of flowers and insects. Having worked in climate change research, I am also concerned about what is happening with the planet and also with our local green spaces.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for visiting June! I enjoy taking close up photos and it's great when they turn out good enough to share here! I've enjoyed visiting your blog too.