Tuesday 25 October 2022

In the Dells

 I'm spending more time than usual in the Dells alongside the Water of Leith. On Mondays, I'm leading guided walks in the area and on Tuesdays I'm doing my regular volunteer session along the river.

The river was very high yesterday after recent heavy rain (it's subsided a wee bit today) 

Everyone commented how beautiful the autumnal colours are at the moment, specially the beech trees. 

Today I took some photos of this large toadstool that we had seen yesterday, I'm hoping to identify it before the next class

This stand of Ash trees looks beautiful in the sunshine, but sadly many of them will have succumbed to Ash Die Back Disease and will need to be removed

 After finishing my patrol today, I went home via North Merchiston Cemetery to take photos of the cherry tree there for Tree Following (my next Tree Following post will be in early November) and photos for the North Merchiston Cemetery Friends Group on Twitter and Facebook. The cemetery looks beautiful at this time of year 


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I imagine there are grey wagtails to be found along there!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Simon, there are indeed grey wagtails, they bred successfully along the river this year.