Monday 3 October 2022

A Sunny Autumn Afternoon in the Garden

 We had a lovely afternoon in Crafty green Boyfriend's Mum's garden yesterday. The hydrangeas are looking lovely 

As are the apple trees. The cooking apple tree seems to have more apples than ever!

I've given cooking apples away to several people already, but three seems to be an endless supply! The eating apple tree is covered with fruit too, though it's a much smaller tree

There are some nice little fungi in one corner of the garden, I've not yet worked out what species they are!

We were happy to get a visit from Atticus, the neighbour's cat, who posed nicely for a photo then rolled around and was happy to be petted. He's a lovely, friendly cat. 

And talking of cats, I'm very happy that my poem Leopard Falls at Midnight has been included in Visual Verse Volume 9, Chapter 11. You can read the whole chapter and see the artwork that inspired it all here.

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