Sunday 6 March 2022

Late Winter Sun in a Suburban Garden

 Yesterday Crafty Green Boyfriend and I spent much of the afternoon at his Mum's house. The weather was lovely, so we enjoyed the sunshine in her beautiful garden. The snowdrops are in bloom around the garden

and the rhododendron will soon follow

and the rhubarb has started sprouting, so we can look forward to plenty of rhubarb crumbles this Spring!

 We found these snail shells in a corner of the garden, which suggests that s song thrush has been using one of the stones or bricks as an anvil for smashing the shells off the snails they so enjoy eating)  (If you click on the photo you will enlarge it and have a better view of the snail shells).

Last week when I had visited, I'd enjoyed watching a fox sunbathing in the garden. There was no sign of the fox this week, but the neighbour's cat Atticus wandered by to say hello.

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Scout and Sage said...

Rhodo's are one of my favourite plants. My trailer had a massive rhodo, wisteria everywhere, and lilac. Only thing it needed was some mock orange.