Monday, 28 March 2022

A Day in the Dells

 I had heard there might be snow today, but was very pleased that the day dawned sunny and bright. I was leading a day-long walk for a mental health project round Craiglockart and Colinton Dells and though the area can look beautiful in the snow, the colder temperatures would have put some people off from doing the walk! 

I don't generally take photos while I'm leading guided walks, but I arrived early to take some then got another chance during breaks later in the day. 

 So today's weather was perfect


We met up outside the Water of Leith Visitor Centre, where the pigeons can be seen and heard in their nest holes in the aquaduct 

The pussy willow trees outside the visitor centre are beautiful at the moment 

The Dells are green with wild garlic (ramsons), which is fully in leaf though it will be a while before it comes into bloom 

We walked slowly through the Dells, looking at both the industrial and social history and nature of the area. We walked as far as Spylaw Park and then back via a slightly different route, ending up at Redhall Gardens, a therapeutic garden run by the Scottish Association of Mental Health. It's a beautiful garden with a lovely woodland area 

and a pond 

as well as areas that grow plants that are for sale to the general public. 


Anyone can visit the gardens to look around and buy plants. To be able to take part in activities or to grow plants in the gardens, you need a referral from a suitable professional.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I imagine that these days pretty much every sentient human being could use a tnerapeutic garden. I'd love a walk like that. I'm glad you got there early enough to get some pictures and I envy the people who were in your walking group -- they had an excellent leader.

Rambling Woods said...

That reminds me that I need to go and look for pussy willows here...