Tuesday 18 January 2022

Currie Kirkyard and Cemetery

 I'm continuing my wildlife surveys of all the cemeteries managed by City of Edinburgh Council. My latest survey was of Currie Cemetery. Like a few other cemeteries, Currie is made up of a historical kirkyard with a larger, more open cemetery added on at a later date. 

It was a cold morning when I visited


There were about four mistle thrushes shouting at each other and flying round the tops of the cypress trees, they may already be setting up their breeding territories. These large, greyish thrushes didn't come close enough for me to catch them on camera, but they were quite entertaining to watch. 

I also saw a beautiful male bullfinch feeding in a cherry tree, though again, no photos. 

There are lovely views from the top of the cemetery 

The cemetery is surrounded by farmland with sheep in one nearby field, and horses seemingly everywhere else (sorry for the poor quality of the photo below) 


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Jenn Jilks said...

Don't apologise for photos, it's all evidence, and your story I like to see.
Good work!