Monday 17 August 2020

Birds in the Rain

 I set off this morning to patrol the Dells along the Water of Leith. At that point the weather was dull but dry but it started raining almost as soon as I got along the river and became torrential later! 

Poor light and rain mean there are no photos but I had some lovely wildlife encounters. 

There's a particular tree that I always check on as a grey heron often stands in it, today there wasn't a heron but there was a sparrowhawk, keeping its eye on the surrounding trees.

Further upstream I was delighted to see a family of nuthatches. Nuthatches have only relatively recently colonised Scotland. having spread northwards from England (as the climate has changed) so it still feels really special to see them, particularly a family with youngsters!


Jeff said...

It is interesting how weather changes where species live.

RG said...

Send us some rain - 95 yesterday - 84 today - too hot for the Far NW colonies ...