Tuesday 18 August 2020

After the Rain

 It's been raining a lot here for the past few days and today, although it wasn't raining when we went for our walk through the local cemeteries, the ground was still very wet. 

This is great for fungi of course and this toadstool really caught our eye, I think it's a type of fairy parosol fungus

I also really like the way the pineapple weed is starting to grow through the mat of white clover leaves. The flowers of pineapple weed look like miniature pineapples and smell of pineapple too! 


eileeninmd said...


The fairy parasol fungi is cute. Take care, enjoy your day!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

The detail on the cap is so delicate!

Magyar said...

green is our life
as this earth smiles at the sun
water colors all