Sunday 23 August 2020

Around Arthur's Seat

 Yesterday Crafty Green Boyfriend and I had a lovely walk round Arthur's Seat. 


 The thistles are seeding and thistledown is flying everywhere 

Near this patch of thistles we saw a stonechat, I think the first we've ever seen here (though I've seen them at Musselburgh and on Corstorphine Hill in Edinburgh). Thanks to Crafty Green Boyfriend for this photo

It was lovely to see this meadow brown butterfly

this family of mute swans on Dunsapie Loch 

the beautiful view of Duddingston Loch (with harebells still in bloom in the foreground)

and a good few hoverflies including this footballer hoverfly (Helophilus pendulus)


eileeninmd said...


Beautiful natures scenes and views! I love the Stonechat and Swans.
Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week!

Jeff said...

I love how you Arthur's Seat dominates the east side of Edinburgh. Nice photos!

RG said...

Is that algae in the Loch? We have quite a bit in lakes this time of year - some hazardous. ..

Gershon Ben-Avraham said...

Juliet, great post! I'm sending this one to my daughter. As an undergraduate philosophy major in the US, she spent a semester abroad at the University of Edinburgh. She loved it. She's walked up "Arthur's Seat" a time or two, once with her slow-moving father.

Lowcarb team member said...

Love the view of Duddingston Loch :)

All the best Jan