Saturday 21 December 2019

Winter Walk in Figgate Park

I saw on Twitter today that otters had been seen in Figgate Park, so Crafty Green Boyfriend and I decided that is where we would go for a walk today. We didn't see the otters, nor did we see many winter thrushes (the Figgate is generally a good place to see redwings and fieldfares, but today we only saw three redwings and no fieldfares). We had a lovely walk though and there's always plenty to see in this park.

The water level in the pond was very high, we heard from someone we met (who was having very good luck with seeing the otters) that the drainage from the pond to the nearby river has blocked up. Hopefully this can be unblocked soon, otherwise the pond will ototally overflow into the surrounding areas of the park.

There were plenty of birds on the pond including goosanders

Canada geese and mute swans

We had some lovely views of robins, appropriately enough as it is National Robin Day today.

Thanks Crafty Green Boyfriend for the bird photos above. 

The Friends of Figgate Park produce a calendar every year including photos of the park taken by memebers of the public. I'm delighted that one of my photos is included as an extra inside the front cover of next year's calendar.

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Lowcarb team member said...

It's so nice to enjoy a winter walk … lovely photographs.

All the best Jan