Wednesday 18 December 2019

Upcycled Hot Water Bottle Cover

At this time of year, hot water bottles become a necessity! We already have one hot water bottle, Janosch, which was a house warming gift, many years ago now, and a best friend to Treacle who lived with us for a while


But sometimes we need to use two hot water bottles at the same time and when Crafty Green Boyfriend decided to finally get rid of one of his scruffiest jumpers, I realised that I could use part of it to make another hot water bottle. The jumper was a baggy fit to start with and has stretched over the years - one of the sleeves looked perfect to use as the basis for a hot water bottle

So I cut it to size, leaving one side long for the buttonholes and then added buttons from my stash of vintage buttons. The finished product looks quite nice, though not entirely symmetrical!

The rest of the jumper is probably in too poor a state to be able to make anything else out of, and I'm intending to take it to one of the local shops that has a clothes recycling bin.


Jeff (Sage) said...

That's a craft idea!

Lowcarb team member said...

Clever idea :)

All the best Jan