Wednesday 2 October 2019

Upcycled needle case from old purse

I really liked this old velvet purse and kept it even when the zip had broken but never got round to replacing the zip, largely as zips aren't one of my strong points when it comes to sewing. Then I had an idea to remake it into a needle case adding felt and ribbons to do so. So I removed the zip and opened up the purse, backed it with felt and then added felt pages and some decorative ribbons:

I'm quite happy with how it turned out, though it is a little bulky.

 I've been working on this at the Friends of Saughton Park Knit and Natter when not creating ghost costumes for the Hallowe'en teddy bear hunt to be held in the park on the afternoon of 29 October. 

Yesterday in Saughton Park, I noticed this carrion crow / hooded crow hybrid hanging out before and after the Knit and Natter group 


Geraldine H said...

Well done with the new craft project Juliet.

Upcycling is so much fun, I think it's an attitude we should all adopt. So much waste in the world and lack, at the same time.

I plan to open a gift shop with an emphasis on upcycled clothing and crafts, after our next big move is complete, probably to the Caribbean.🌴🌴

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh...we saw different (to us) crows like that in Europe and I’ve been meaning to look them up I have a couple of names to start with and compare to my pictures. Thank you!