Tuesday 8 October 2019

Amazing what you can find on a fence.....

On the way to the Knit and Natter group at Saughton Park today (where I finally finished making the ghost costumes for the teddy bears to wear at the forthcoming Hallowe'en teddy bear hunt on 26 October) I bumbed into Sarah, a member of Edinburgh Natural History Society who insisted I had to walk along the fence alongside the Water of Leith that forms part of the perimeter of Saughton Park.


Because it is covered in interesting insects and snails. I only took a few photos, but probably could have spent ages taking more photos, but then the teddy bears wouldn't have got their costumes. So here are just some of the beautiful and intriguing insects we saw - thanks Sarah for identifying them!

needle fly - a type of stone fly
rosemary beetle, wonderfully irridescent and stripy! 
parent bug, so called because it carries its eggs and then later its young under its body as it moves around.
There were also numerous snails and at least two species of ladybirds.
What interesting insects have you seen on fences recently? 


Magyar said...

__ Nifty "Crafty Green Poet" these natural pathways of life's transfer as seen here in New England; one life feeds another, that nature of life. _m

new england trout
its splash above this brooks roil
stonefly nymph

Lowcarb team member said...

It is amazing what you can find on a fence!
Lovely to see your photographs.

All the best Jan

RG said...

dragon flies and slugs!!!