Monday 15 April 2019

New Leaves and A Hidden Woodpecker

I noticed these lovely young ivy leaves on the wall of Colinton Churchyard today

Aren't they pretty?

The wild garlic leaves have been out for a couple of weeks now but still almost no flowers, though they already smell of garlic.....

In two different areas of the Dells today I heard a green woodpecker, as in fact I have done over the last couple of weeks. Staff from the Water of Leith Conservation Trust have also heard it, though no one as far as I know has seen it! Green woodpeckers are uncommon birds, in Edinburgh the only reliable place to see them as far as I know is Corstorphine Hill (where one often sits inside a hollow tree trunk and laughs). I've only once before this year heard a green woodpecker in the Dells, so it would be really nice to know they're making their home there! Great spotted woodpeckers are quite common in the Dells and in fact I saw two today though not that I could catch them on camera!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Our wild garlic is just flowering!

Lowcarb team member said...

… I'm sure I can smell the wild garlic!
Enjoyed your photographs.

All the best Jan

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful smell of the Wild Garlic.