Saturday 19 January 2019

Coastal Walk

We walked from Cramond to Granton today, though we'd only intended to walk as far as Silverknowes. It was dull and cold but there wasn't a wind and it stayed dry.

The tide was in so the causeway to Cramond island was underwater with the gulls and crows taking advantage of the roosting posts, with a resting greater black backed gull closest to us.

Three mute swans approached

and got closer

and closer

There are some lovely Scots pines along the shoreline

and some lovely views, the clouds and the sky almost merged into each other today


RG said...

That's pretty much the sort of weather day and views we have around here now too!!

Evi Erlinda - Brain Plasticity said...

I love to walk to get fresh air and good for health.
greeting- evi erlinda

Lowcarb team member said...

Isn't nice to enjoy a walk.
Lovely photographs you've shared.

All the best Jan

Magyar said...

All nice photos, in particular I'm fond of the gulls on their posts; seemingly to me, it is their joining... in peaceful chorus. _m