Saturday, 11 November 2017

November Sunshine

A lovely late autumn day today! We started at the exhibition for the proposed housing development on Cammo Fields held at Cramond Kirk, where we posted our comments of don't build on these fields as they are valuable habitat for various farmland birds that City of Edinburgh Council commits to protecting in the local biodiversity action plan.  You can read my previous blog posts about this proposed housing development here).

Then we went into Cramond village for coffee and cake outside overlooking the River Almond

We were delighted to see a flock of about 50 lapwings flying around above the river!

We then walked past Cramond Island 

and along the River Forth to Silverknowes. It's always worth stopping to admire the fish sculpture by Ronald Rae.

The wildflower meadows are still looking lovely

and the wild rosehips are decaying beautifully

Someone had laid out this row of shells

We finished our walk up the road between the sheep pasture 

and the golf course, where the trees were full of birds.

Though the birds (starlings, bullfinches, goldfinches, fieldfares and redwings) didn't want to be photographed!


Caroline Gill said...

What a lovely nature diary entry, Juliet. I have yet to see a Redwing or Fieldfare this year. We are just back from Wicken Fen, where we saw lovely autumn colours and heard more birds than we saw.

sage said...

A halo around the sun in the golf course photo?

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see all of your photographs, I do like the fish sculpture.

All the best Jan

Jamie Purves said...

I was interested to read your post about Cammo Fields. With a bit of vision they could be a showcase conservation site as a Wetland Centre with its situation next to Cammo Park and the nearby foreshore. They're on the Goose flypath after all and could be something for Edinburgh to be proud of in the spirit of John Muir rather than a predictably developer led housing scheme! 'You don't know what you've got till it's gone!' In Truth people need the green belt now more than ever!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Sage - there's certainly something of a halo....

Jamie - yes Cammo Fields would be a wonderful conservation site, sadly it doesn't seem as though the council will see that, despite all the opposition to the housing plan...