Wednesday 2 August 2017

Wasps and Water

I always have my eyes open to what I might see (and my ears open too!). It's an important habit both as a naturalist and as a writer.

Today I took a photo of this wasp (I can't identify wasps to species level except for the common wasp and this isn't a common wasp, so if anyone can offer an ID that would be great!)

 As I was taking photos I heard an eerie call from over the sea wall and then picking up my binoculars I saw five great northern divers all swimming together really close to shore! This is unusual on these coasts! (No photos, sorry!).

The water was beautiful today

and though there are none in that photo, the firth was more or less covered in eider ducks as far as the eye could see!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Wasp no idea, looks very long in the body. Some sort of potter wasp maybe?

Lowcarb team member said...

Sorry no idea about the wasp, hopefully someone can help.

All the best Jan