Monday, 13 March 2017

Buy Malawian 2017

The Scottish Malawi Partnership's #BuyMalawian2017 campaign is encouraging people across Scotland to buy Malawian products to celebrate the birthday of David Livingstone, the Scottish explorer who began the special relationship between the two nations more than 150 years ago. Dr Livingstone fought against the slave trade and explored new trade routes to support economic development in Africa.

The Scottish Malawian Partnership hopes that Livingstone’s birthday (19th March) will become an annual “Buy Malawian” day, to promote Malawian produce and support sustainable economic development in the country.

To become part of the campaign, you can enter a contest to  Win a Dream Holiday to Malawi. Simply take a photo of yourself with a Malawian product and share it on Twitter or Instagram!

As I lived in Malawi for a couple of years (many years ago now!) I always like to support Malawi in any way I can. I always buy Kilombero fair trade rice, which is produced in Malawi and here is my entry to the contest (you can apparently vote for it here!)

The map in the background comes from Malawi too!

Last year also saw me posing in our living room with a bag of Kilombero Rice for the Kilombero Virtual 90 Challenge

On Thursday, 16 March, the One World Shop in Edinburgh is holding a Malawian event, which promises entertainment and curry served with Kilombero Rice!

My poetry pamphlet Bougainvillea Dancing raised money for charities working in Malawi. I have recently discovered a couple of copies of the original pamphlet and have also produced a PDF version. If you would like to purchase either of these please let me know! All proceeds to the work of Voluntary Service Overseas in Malawi (with whom I worked in Malawi when I was there).

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