Monday, 11 January 2016

Looking for Signs of Badgers

I posted last week, about the signs of badgers that Crafty Green Boyfriend and I had seen in Colinton Dell. Well today I was there for my weekly voluntary work with Water of Leith Conservation Trust and took these photos

A dead tree used as a scratching post 

a track into the woods, that we think is a badger trail! 

You can find out moer about badgers here.

I was also pleased to be able to get a photo of an earth star fungus that shows the star (which is often hidden in the leaf litter)

Then I found a new patch of earth stars in another part of the Dells, where I haven't seen them before. These ones are younger, but look as though they've been eaten or trampled underfoot

These are always fascinating fungi to find. The hole in the top is where the spores come out when the fungus is ripe.

As ever, red text contains hyperlinks that take you to other websites where you can find out more. 


Jenn Jilks said...

We're too frozen to find anything interesting! The bucks are gone, don't know where.

RG said...

Badger ... a verb. Kind of like Hound? or ? What is it about the Badger that makes it so useful as a verb?

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Jennifer, how odd that your bucks have just gone like that.....

Rabbits Guy - that's an interesting question, I've never really thought about it.

Magyar said...

the badger
motionless beside trail
a selfy

__Juliete, can we imagine a badger unseen, with its back toward the passerby... taking a selfy of itself and that 'attemptive' on looker? Smiles! _m

Sandy said...

I have never seen a badger. Are they like a beaver?

Rambling Woods said...

Hello... You find the most interesting things on your walks..I am going to go look up badger to see what it looks like...Michelle

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Sandy, badgers are erlated to otters, martens, mink, stoats and weasels, though they don't really look like anything else in that family.

Hi Michelle, I should have put a link in the post to a badger site. I'll do that now!

Lowcarb team member said...

Always good to read through your posts - I like the earth star fungus - there are so many different varieties aren't there.

All the best Jan