Monday, 23 November 2015

Underwater leaves and lovely fungi

I love looking at the underwater leaf islands that form in the Water of Leith and the associated mill lades at this time of year. This is in the lade above Redhall Mill

One of the things I do in Colinton Dell is pick litter. Today there hadn't been much litter until I saw an abandoned firepit some distance away from the path, surrounded with plastic waste and half burnt cigarettes. I cleared everything up with my litter picker then i noticed this lovely display of hairy stereum on one of the fallen trees (a naturally fallen tree i hasten to add, not something that the smokers were responsible for)

So one of the benefits of having to pick litter can be that it takes you away from the main track where you might find surprising treasures!


Lynn said...

It's wonderful that you do that - pick up litter. And that is a treasure indeed!

A Cuban In London said...

Off-the-beaten-path litter. You could start your own tour guides, you know! :-)

Greetings from London.

RG said...

Sure is a pretty time for photos! Very nice.

Anonymous said...

that's one way of looking at litter :)

sage said...

Neat fungi and good for you for picking up litter!