Monday 2 November 2015

Edinburgh's One World Shop has a new home!

One World Shop has long been Edinburgh's best outlet for all things fairtrade, whether you're looking for jewellery, Christmas cards, coffee or chocolate. It also sells a range of world music CDs and books on environmental and global issues.

(Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. You can find out more on the Fair Trade Foundation website).

Recently the One World Shop had to move out of its longstanding home in the basement of St John's Church as the church is refurbishing and extending its meeting room space (once things are all complete then the shop should be able to move back).

So the shop is currently housed in the basement of Nicholson Square Methodist Church (see the map here). It looks very nice too, spacious and bright, though I have to admit I miss the atmosphere of the old stone arches of the old shop! The shop still sells the same excellent varied selection of fair trade goods and is well worth exploring if you don't already know it.  It's a great place to buy Christmas gifts as well as to stock up on chocolate, coffee, tea and rice!

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