Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Wood sorrel and ash flowers

The ash trees in Colinton Dell are blooming just now

and the wood sorrel is looking lovely too, specially this area, where it's growing in amongst moss on an old wall.

Wood sorrel is one of the plants that indicates ancient woodland, again showing that Colinton Dell has been woodland at least since 1750. This doesn't mean of course that all the trees are that old! In fact very few of the individual trees are likely to be that old. Colinton Dell was for many years a place of great industry as there used to be several paper mills along the Water of Leith. Most of these have become entirely derelict and many are now woodland again.


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eileeninmd said...

The wood sorrel and flowers are lovely. Beautiful images! Enjoy your day!

Magyar said...

__Nifty, Juliet.

__Nature renews in time, and that renewal is more rich, when seen with older eyes.

__I remember someone once said the above, and it seems to fit with your view of Colinton Dell, through your photos and words.

RG said...

Can you explain "consistently wooded since 1750"? Does it mean Regularly logged? or Always covered with trees? Or ?

I'm just not sure.

Pietro Brosio said...

So nice!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hi Rabbits Guy - it means consistently covered with trees. Though in the case of Colinton dell, parts of it have been used for mills and the trees have overgrown since, but the whole area has been covered in trees since 1750.

Bill said...

ancient woodland
the secrets I keep
from myself