Thursday, 21 November 2013

Selected Poems by Jason Sturner

I was delighted in August 2012 to publish Stopwatch, a poem by Jason Sturner on Bolts of Silk. So when Jason offered copies of his Selected Poems to his Facebook friends I jumped at the chance and was pleased to receive one! This small book contains 22 poems, opening with Leaving the Old Us, a poem about failed relationships and climate change, written with a lovely rhythm:

Today we sail in the wake of an albatross,
Colored by sunrise and bound for the sea. 
It's an auspicious time to leave one's past.

The collection contains poems about love, belonging, loss and war, but always there is a sense of connection with nature and with the weather:

I am a whisper,
of storms through your skin. 

(from Whispers)

There are some wonderful phrases too:

benevolent bees sting blue stars

(from A Lament for Sylvia)

The collection ends with another wonderful phrase:

My heart is in a dance
with autumn's return. 

(from Seasonally Home)

Selected Poems by Jason Sturner (available from his blog

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