Friday 27 September 2013

World Tourism Day

It's World Tourism Day!

Right Tourism, managed by Care for the Wild. is a campaign to end the cruel use of animals in tourist attractions. You can read more about the issues here and take action here.

Wildlife Watching is wildely enjoyed and a responsible wildife watcher has a low impact on the animals concerned. To ensure though that your enjoyment of watching the wildlife doesn't spoil the animals' ability to get on with their lives, there's some useful advice here.

Responsible tourism can help to protect wild animals and their habitats. Wildlife watchers spend money in the areas local to the wildlife, so many wildlife-related attractions are regarded as economically important.

Poaching is a huge issue for big game animals across the world these days. If you want to ensure that your safari tour genuinely protects the wildlife check out Fair Game (For Safari. Against Poaching.)

Slightly confusingly, World Responsible Tourism Day is 6 November 2013. They wrote about animals and tourism in a recent blog post.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the advice on wildlife watching - I had never thought of those things before!!

RG said...

A walk in/by the closest wood or meadow or stream - watching the flora and fauna. Tourism that works for me!

Little Miss Titch said...

trouble is there are to many people on the planet and to many that are greedy for money and just don't care,xx Rachel

ashok said...

enjoyed your country a lot Juliet

sage said...

That was an interesting website with advice on how to watch animals. One of the reason I like the canoe and a paddle is that you go slow and quietly and see more animals as you float on by down the river.

Unknown said...