Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bakaly by Birgitte Rasine

I recently reviewed Birgitte Rasine's beautiful story The Seventh Crane. As a result of this, I was entered into a prize draw with Story Cartel and was delighted to win a copy of Birgitte's short story Bakaly.

In Bakaly, a young expatriate Russian has returned to his home country and is travelling in the countryside.

A road, long, narrow, its incline a melancholy dip into darkness, lay ahead of me. It had begun nowhere, winding through murky shadows of tree trunks, slipping through its own furtive brushes with a dead wind.....

The scene is set for a bleak story that sees the protagonist finding an underground casino and entering the most important gamble of his life.

Beautifully written, thought provoking and dark, what ensues is a meditation on life, youth and taking chances, destiny and risk.

Bakaly by Birgitte Rasine,  published by Lucita

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RG said...

I am just starting to read "Siddhartha" for the first time! Sounds a bit similar?