Monday 18 October 2010

New Caledonian Woodlands

New Caledonian Woodlands is a not for profit organisation and social enterprise in Scotland that exists to enhance the natural environment, inspire positive environmental behaviour change and improve mental and physical well-being. They do this via a range of environmental projects with a focus on hands-on conservation activity. These are the projects coming up before the end of the year:

Coppicing in the Community Weekend Away, Gordon Community Woodlands - Friday 5th to Sunday 7th November.

Surprise Christmas Weekend Extravaganza - Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th December.

Christmas Spectacular Tree Planting & Craft Day - Sunday 12th of December.

If you are interested in taking part in any of these events please check out their website or e-mail dawn.hickieATnewcaledonianwoodlandsDOTorg for more information.
There is a lot more to browse on their website too! For example you can take the New Caledonian Woodlands Planet Pledge to reduce your carbon footpirint with support from the organisation. You can find out more about that here.


The Weaver of Grass said...

All sounds very exciting Juliet. I love trees - I feel they are our nearest relatives.

agreenearth said...

What a special organization.

Caroline Gill said...

It's a wonderful site, CGP, full of colour and sensible ideas.

RG said...

Do you think Scotland is well along with environmental organizations and events like you mention here? Or is it lacking?

bunnits said...

We need more groups like this around here. One group works to keep a local portion of the Flint River cleaned up. I've usually missed their activities due to my work schedule, but I can do my part on a personal level, as should we all. Your posts often are a source of inspiration for that.

Alison Wiley said...

You take us to all the best places.