Thursday 28 October 2010

Autumn Birds

Vivid autumnal leaves bright against a perfect blue sky. Two buzzards glide into view in the clearing.

A heron fishes in front of the weir as golden leaves fall onto the river.

A mixed flock of tits scurry through the trees, eating the berries, calling softly to each other.

Two grey wagtails chase each other round and round the river.


Kelly said...

Your writing about birds is always fascinating to me and makes me wonder how many species of feathered friends live in my area. Reminds me I need to spend more time outside. You have also inspired me to post an attempt at a poem I wrote about a month ago.

RG said...

A similar scene around here these days!

Draffin Bears said...

Loved hearing about the Autumn birds in your part of the world.
Here in NZ birds are nesting and gathering worms to feed their little ones.

Happy weekend

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That was fun Juliet! I've seen mention of the wagtail on a couple of other blogs ... don't know it and have always meant to look it up. The way you formatted your post made it easy. A painless way to learn. Thanks!

(and what a nice birding day you had with all these species)

bunnits said...

We've had lots of activity in the backyard lately, especially from the Pine Warblers. Your post makes me think I'm past due a trip down to the river at Ditto Landing for some bird watching.

Anonymous said...

I am seeing more birds every day, now. The woodpeckers are back, as are the chickadees.

The passing flocks seem to have tapered off, though.

Jamie said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog (I'm a poet too, and fairly new to blogging). At first I thought "flock of tits" was some kind of really creative metaphor, until I realized they really are a type of bird. I'm so removed from nature here in Boston! I think I may read more of your blog; I really enjoy your writing!

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for sharing enjoyed linking to the bird pages to see them and to listen to them

much love

Magyar said...

...and here, we watch the tufted titmouse... so much much like those pictured in the links.
__Thanks! _m

Unknown said...

I was in England a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed watching the diversity of birds we don't have here.

HKatz said...

I love the image of the heron and the golden leaves especially. It's also great how you know the names of all these birds (and other species); nature takes on a new richness when you can put a name to things beyond the generic "bird, flower, another bird, a tree..." :)