Wednesday 20 October 2010

here and there by Cathy Cullis

This is a beautiful handmade book. The cover features one of Cathy's lovely small monoprints, ink on paper, stiched to the card. Each cover is unique. Inside the beautiful cover are fifteen beautiful poems. Cathy writes about home and family, love and memory and has a wonderful eye for detail, as these brief extracts show:

from &;

hot, with impressively sour clouds
nesting like dolls.

from Love is Dandelion

And the grass is a poem in many languages,
dotted with daisies, reinventing green.

She can also astonish with a striking turn of phrase as in these lines from Starling:

................................................All the shabby
angels are wearing their starling feathers
for today is the broken one.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short book and was sorry to come to the end. But it's good to be left wanting more!

You can read some of Cathy's poetry on her blog Nevering and you can see some of her multi-media artwork on her other blog here.


Nat Hall said...

nice one, Juliet :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, I will go look,

Gabrielle Bryden said...

Ah, a handmade book sounds divine - like those lines. Thanks for the links.