Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Organic Food and Biodiversity

Organic Farming does not rely on pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. As a result it is not poisoning plants and animals that live on the farm. Organic farming also encourages a diverse ecosystem to develop soil fertility and encourages natural predators that can then keep pest species in check. Many studies have shown that overall there is a greater variety of plant and animal species on organic farms compared to conventional farms, with soil living organisms, birds and butterflies being usually seen as the groups that benefit the most. A Finnish study in 2007 also indicated that converting to organic farming can help to re-establish species that had been lost during the period as a conventional farm.

You can read more on the Wildlife Page of the Soil Association website, which also includes a link to a long study done on the issue of Biodiversity and Organics.

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Hannah Stephenson said...


Love the photo in your header--is it new? The yellow leaf is so pretty.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Do agree about organic food Juliet - and also love your new header.

Anonymous said...

I like the new header, too.
This post is very interesting, Juliet. I am going to read more about this subject.

EG CameraGirl said...

Organic is the way to go but I fear too many farms here in North America are actually owned by mega corporations. I don't see them changing their ways any time soon.

Gabrielle Bryden said...

It makes sense - so many reasons to go organic. Your header is very uplifting by the way.

Daisy Hickman said...

Why haven't we always been organic? Seems we go forward and then retreat into smarter terrain! We have a good organic section in our grocery store, but it could be better. Small rural communities sometimes are slow to change! But we're on the bandwagon, and really try to support organic farmers.

amanda said...

I love this organic food.
starting solids babies

wheatgerm said...

i hope to start one day hopefully by then we won't have to use the word organic

bunnits said...

Love the new header photo.

More and more I look forward to the day when we can return to the family farm in Tennessee. I just hope we aren't too old and feeble to be able to enjoy it.

Janice Thomson said...

My brother on whose farm I now live only does organic farming and as you've mentioned nature keeps pests in check without the use of pesticides. New types of machinery stop soil erosion and loss of nutrients as seeds are planted right over top of last year's stubble. Nowadays in this province even if fertilizers and pesticides are used by some they are environmentally friendly causing harm to neither human, pets, wildlife or plants. Consequently we now have a variety of birds etc never before seen - it's a treat to observe and protect the wildlife now found here.

nà from the treehouse said...

Hi Juliet, really like your new banner!

I've just posted up a rant in my attempt at participating in organice fortnight. Hope rants are acceptable too :)

Nà x