Wednesday 15 September 2010

Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night Time by Allan Shepherd

This is a wonderful little book about nightime in the garden, focussing on moths.

The narrative takes in human evolution and mass extinctions, climate change, biology and the need for wildlife friendly gardening. By focussing on a group of animals the author is passionate about, it really brings home the sense of loss that we face as we continue to push so many species closer to extinction.

The book is interspersed with extracts from the moth collector's Memory Book, which is full of his nature observations and notes from key works on climate change and evolution. There are also copious references for how to attract moths and other wildlife to your garden, making it a very practical book. Anyone reading this who isn't already fascinated by moths will be so by the end of the book. But then starts the difficult adventure of learning moth id, this book gives pointers but its really difficult to learn to id moths....

Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night Time by Allan Shepherd published by the Centre for Alternative Technology


JoMo said...

Sounds interesting...The extinction issue is so tragic - from the ocean to the skies.
Slightly OT, I was happy to read about several opera houses worldwide who are bee-keeping on the roofs. Without the bees the crops won't get pollinated and yikes, it's all down hill from there.
I'll have to check out this author, thanks!

Kelly said...

That does sounds like a wonderful book, maybe if I can get the queue cleared out in the next 2 or 3 months I will be ready to take on another book. I have enjoyed your coverage of the organic event you are attending, it has inspired me to try a little harder.

bunnits said...

I certainly need to get a copy of this. Thanks.