Wednesday 4 June 2008

Leaving my job!

Today was my last day in my current job. The people who I share my office with (who aren't all direct colleagues, we're such a small organisation we share our office with two other organisations) took me out for a nice lunch at a local Italian restaurant. They had collected some money together and chose me a gift from the list I put together from Oxfam Unwrapped. They gave me my number one choice on my wishlist - Busy Bees. This means the money is going towards bee keeping in Sudan and Western Equatoria (so thanks everyone, for that!). The Oxfam Unwrapped site is inntermittently down for maintenance at the minute, but if you can't access the previous links, you can read more about Oxfam's work here.

I've been in my current job for 5 years and I'm really looking forward to starting my new job with the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens in a couple of weeks.

I recently posted a poem about bees over on Bolts of Silk, you can read it by following this link: Dead Bees Sting, Too by Howard Good
Many species of bees are becoming endangered. You can find out more about bees and work done to conserve them at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website and the International Bee Research Association website.


polona said...

bees are a vital part of the ecosystem and losing them would be a tragedy.
however, human greed has no limits and excessive use of pesticides have killed many families here recently... this seems a global problem.

hope you enjoy your new job!

Bill said...

Good luck, Juliet, and good work.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your new job, Juliet.

Here bees are pretty much common everywhere. They are left unharmed too.

RG said...

We depend so on bees here in our valley ... SAVE THE BEES!

Anonymous said...

A perfect gift for you that is actually a gift for someone else too. How thoughtful. I hope we can save our little buzzing friends!

d. moll, said...

Busy Bees sounds wonderful. The State of Caifornia wants to spray us with Checkmate (a synthetic pheramone) for what they think is a Light Brown Apple Moth infestation, bad idea on many levels one being that the microcapsule delivery system turns into plastic dust which the bees can pick up and bring back to the hive, killing the whole hive. Anyway we have a reprieve this year on the spray until they file an EIR.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new job!