Sunday, 8 June 2008

Community Fairs in Edinburgh

This is the time of year when Edinburgh has lots of community fairs. Yesterday we went to both the Corstorphine Fair and the Meadows Festival. Corstorphine Fair is very definitely a local community fair for the Corstorphine area, an area that, away from the main road still feels very much like the village it was before it became part of Edinburgh. St Margaret's Park was full of stall for local groups including the Friends of Corstorphine Hill (we're very pleased to see that Edinburgh City Council is 'minded not to build houses' on part of Corstorphine Hill that is currently owned by the Zoo).

The Meadows Festival takes place on the Meadows, a green space near the main part of the University of Edinburgh. It's much more of a city wide event and attracts not only large numbers of students but lots of hippies and alternative types. We had a very pleasant afternoon sitting in the beer garden, drinking Fraoch (traditional heather ale) and listening to local bands. We also enjoyed browsing the stalls selling second hand music and clothes and locally made jewellery.


Anonymous said...

Heather Ale! I tried brewing that once with a whole bunch of dried heather tips in lieu of hops. It didn't turn out too badly. I shared some with my friends the Scotts, who have a daughter named Heather. They were polite about it.

RG said...

Community fairs .. lots coming up here too .. all fun! We are a sort of specialty farm area so every fair has a different crop theme ... I like Berry Dairy Days!