Monday, 16 June 2008

haiku - furnishings

sway in the breeze -
blackbirds sing.

furnishings for Mad Kane's Haiku Prompt


Scot said...

nice image with movement and sound!

Odessa said...

very summery. i like it.

Bill said...

You might want to vary the construction; "curtains sway . . . blackbirds sing"

curtains sway
in the summer breeze
a song of blackbirds

but that's just a thought. Ignore it if it gets in your way.

Jade said...


Anonymous said...

Your haiku is lovely. It's a form of poetry that I am having fun with right now.

Thanks for dropping by my livejournal and leaving a message.

Crafty Green Poet said...

bill - good point, though I'm not sure if song of blackbirds would be waht i'd go for, but I'll think about it...

Scot, Odessa, Jade, Bevies Place - thanks